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Intimidation is at the heart of a commercial for another scent in the line, Hawk ridge, which will also have its debut on national television on Monday. Online, both commercials will be posted on Facebook and YouTube on Friday. In the spot, a poker player faces an opponent who has about a dozen hawks surrounding him, and the player is so flustered that he folds an unbeatable hand — a royal flush. The winner is a Hawkridge user.

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Commercials for its rival Axe, a Unilever brand, tend to feature stunning women throwing themselves at average-looking Axe users. In the new Old Spice commercial, however, women gaze approvingly at the Hawkridge user, but the primary message is not that his scent attracts women, but that it vanquishes other men. While many Old Spice ads in recent years have stressed the grooming routine by featuring Mr.

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Mustafa wrapped in a towel or Mr. Crews in his underwear in various bathrooms, new ads show impeccably dressed men in well-appointed settings.

Old Spice is primarily geared to men ages 18 to 24, with the newest line aimed at the older end of that spectrum. Highly protective of their babies, new hippo mums will not leave the water to graze as most hippos do each night for several days. Calves stick close to their mums, snoozing on their backs as they wade.


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Cleverly, they can close off their ears and nostrils to suckle whilst submerged underwater. This nurturing bond remains strong for up to eight years when hippos reach maturity. Highly protective of their babies, new hippo mums will not leave the water to graze. Baby giraffes have a somewhat abrupt entrance to the world, falling five foot from their mothers who give birth standing up!

At six foot high, they are definitely the loftiest new-borns on the savannah and can be up on their hooves within thirty minutes of being born. Giraffe mums club together to form creches, uniting their babies and taking it in turns to watch over them. These long-legged ladies have childcare totally nailed!

Porcupine mothers have one of the more traumatic sounding births, as their babies are born fully quilled! Complications can occur if they come out backwards though.

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Female cheetahs spend years raising cubs. Born helpless and blind, cheetah cubs are totally dependent on their mothers.

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Not only are cheetah mums sole carers, but unlike giraffe, elephant and hippo, they can have up to five or even eight babies at a time, three to four is average. Forward planning is vital for these feline mums, who scout out several dens in which to hide cubs in prior to giving birth. Once her litter is born, she will move them every few days to avoid detection from lions and hyenas.

Tirelessly teaching the cubs every survival skill they might need, she will share her kills with them until they are totally independent, sometimes for up to two years. With the longest pregnancy of any mammal 22 months and the biggest babies on earth averaging pounds , we can certainly take our hats off to elephant mums. They remain devoted to their calves for years, constantly nurturing and protecting them until they are around 16 years old. Knowledge passed down the generations in these groups is vital to elephant survival, which is sadly why orphaned elephants stand so little chance alone in the wild.

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