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The second season, aired on the same station from October 7, to December 30, Cross Academy is an elite boarding school with two separate, isolated classes: the Day Class and the Night Class. On the surface, Yuuki Cross and Zero Kiryuu are prefects of the academy, and attempt to keep order between the students as classes rotate in the evenings.

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As the Night Class is full of utterly gorgeous elites, this can sometimes prove to be a bit difficult. It is completely necessary, however, as those "elites" are actually vampires.

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Yuuki and Zero act as guardians, protecting the secrets of the Night Class and the safety of their ignorant morning counterparts. The book concludes with the artist's special selection of art and a step-by-step description of how she paints a cover.

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Hino also has notes on each piece of art at the end of the book, telling where it first appeared and what she thought about it. But really, the pictures dominate the book; everything else is pushed to the back and reduced to tiny print, but the paintings are big and beautiful.

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The book is beautifully produced and printed. The format is oversized hardcover, larger than most magazines, with a matte dust jacket. Demon Love Spell. Log in.

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