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Just after Sulu provides Kirk with a report that their weapons caused no damage, Kirk is beamed away from the bridge. Spock raises his eyebrow. The two ship's captains, Kirk and Kor , have been brought to a trial by the inhabitants of this dimension, called Elysia. Their ruling council is made up of races from across the universe and dates back over 1, years. During that time the races have learned to live together because they must.

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As a result, any act of violence is forbidden and will be dealt with swiftly and with utmost severity. The captains are responsible for the behavior of their crews. The penalty they must suffer is total immobilization of both of their ships for a century. The leader, a Romulan named Xerius , explains that their small universe is a trap where time passes very slowly. No one has been able to escape from this area.

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  • Back aboard the Enterprise , when Kirk announces his determination to leave, Montgomery Scott says that they had better do so quickly, because the time warp is rapidly disintegrating the ship's dilithium crystals and they have only four days left. The Klingons divert all their power to the Klothos ' engines and try to leave but ultimately fail. Spock then gets an idea how they might escape. They must link the ship's warp and navigation. The two ships have to function as one ship.

    It requires cooperation by sharing warp power and personnel to reach the necessary speed to break through back to our universe.

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    The Klingons agree but Spock, by touching them, learns that Kor, the Klingon captain, wants to destroy the Enterprise when they break free of the time warp by using a specially calibrated explosive device in the warp control panel. The Enterprise and Klingon crew celebrate their impending escape in one of the Enterprise 's recreation rooms , but a Klingon slips away to plant an explosive in the Enterprise 's computer room after the Klothos 's first officer Kaz gets into a fight with McCoy. Xerius reminds them that violence is forbidden here and suggests placing the Klothos and its crew in suspended animation for a century.

    Kirk manages to convince them to let the Klingons go and Xerius releases Kor into Kirk's custody. The plot to destroy the Enterprise is uncovered by Magen while the two ships begin to make their escape, just before the Enterprise reaches warp 8. Spock and Scott run down to the computer room, locate the explosive, and then Spock proceeds to eject the device from the ship. We use ECOSE absorption material, eco-friendly wood and we offer customers recycled fabric options as well.

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