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We are afraid that four possibly eight years of denial and delay might commit the planet to not just feet, but yards, of sea level rise, massive coastal flooding made worse by more frequent Katrina and Sandy-like storms , historic deluges, and summer after summer of devastating heat and drought across the country. We also fear an era of McCarthyist attacks on our work and our integrity.

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We know we could be hauled into Congress to face hostile questioning from climate change deniers. We know we could be publicly vilified by politicians. We know we could be at the receiving end of federal subpoenas demanding our personal emails. We know we could see our research grants audited or revoked. I faced all of those things a decade ago, the last time Republicans had full control of our government. If anyone has any questions left about what Donald Trump's energy plans will do to the climate , just read his brand new website GreatAgain.

House and Senate, it is no understatement to say the Trump is preparing a fossil fuel takeover of the U.

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But the economy won't be the only thing that's taken over. Our public lands, clean air and clean water will face a withering assault. As we've seen, Trump's choices for government positions have been anything from grossly unqualified to vocally antagonistic toward the agency they'll be in charge of; for his part Mulvaney says Trump will "restore fiscal sanity back in Washington," which is at best a bizarre proclamation. As Pema Levy at Mother Jones has written , Mulvaney questions whether government should be funding scientific research.

For more on Mulvaney, please see Snopes. Even if we give Scaramucci the benefit of the doubt here, the context is important; when discussing science and Trump it's important to understand that Trump has enveloped himself in people who are creationists as well as climate change deniers; VP Mike Pence is one , Rick Perry appointed creationists to the Texas State School Board over and again , and Ben Carson said evolution is satanic and the Big Bang is a fairy tale.

And, finally, more on our old nemesis Betsy DeVos. We at Americans United know from experience that this is already happening at charter schools across the country. Science is going to need our help to survive this regime. We used to be the scientific leaders of the world. If we want to stay in the forefront of scientific advances, we will need to resist Trump and his merry band of anti-science lackeys at every turn.

We'll need to speak out for science at every opportunity, demand better of our elected officials, and support our scientists in their work, no matter what it takes. The views expressed are those of the author s and are not necessarily those of Scientific American.

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At the Urology Care Foundation, we support research aimed at helping the millions of men, women and children who struggle with urologic cancer and disease. Hundreds of thousands of men across the U. They might be used for prostate problems, urinary retention not being able to fully empty the bladder and incontinence urine leakage.

Unfortunately, too many people think a catheter is the only choice they have, but there are other options. More than , people a year develop UTIs in the hospital and catheters are the leading cause. These numbers don't include people who get an infection while using catheters at home. As a urologist who supports a large senior community in Florida, I can tell you that number excludes lot of people. For instance, I recently treated a man with long-term urinary retention whose doctor gave him a urinary catheter.

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The catheter allowed him to pass urine, but it caused him to have many UTIs, which often led to hospital visits. In fact, I met him after a lengthy hospital stay. In addition to infections, the gentlemen had trouble using his hands, which made the catheter tubes and drainage bag difficult to handle. To make matters worse, his wife is blind, so it was hard for her to help. After evaluation he was not a candidate for surgery or other types of treatments given his overall health, so I spoke with him about inserting a temporary prostate stent.

This is a way of keeping the urethra open without surgery. Like many, he didn't know about it before, but it worked extremely well in his case and has had a major impact on his life! Now he can urinate on his own without a catheter, sleep through the night again and he's been infection-free for months.

It was torture. Having the stent is a huge lifestyle improvement. There's no comparison. There are options for patients beyond catheters and your urologist will present these to you. The ultimate goal is to help as many men as possible avoid infections and the troubles of living with catheters. Tomas L. Griebling is the John P. Griebling says another option to consider is clean intermittent catheterization CIC. CIC has a lower risk of complications or infection compared to indwelling catheters.

CIC is when the catheter is inserted intermittently into the urethral opening to get it into the bladder to allow it to empty.