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  • I left the performance with a smile on face and an empowering feeling. To to speak so freely about sexuality is so important and this performance broaches some tough topics forcing conversation. Can't wait to see what she comes up next. Enjoyable throughout Bogle brings a joyful, playful panache to her subject and exudes a sort of knowing innocence and good-naturedness. Imbued with a certain joie de vivre that makes it good fun to sexperience.

    Two nights in a row!! It is original and brutally funny. The audience was much bigger the second night.

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    Be warned: word of mouth will sell it out. Welcome to Better Lemons! Click here to get tickets. The Lyric Hyperion Los Angeles. Mon Oct 07, am. Reviews Login or Register here to Add Review.

    The Pleasure Project with Augmented Reality

    Telling your lover what you want could be foreplay. Sex education could include creative masturbation techniques. Today models of sexual liberation emphasize narrow goals of individual pleasure, focusing on lithe, heterosexual, monogamous bodies galloping towards orgasm. The politics of broader sexual liberation are rarely discussed.

    The Pleasure Project Slays Shame At ESTROGENIUS

    Even gay liberation movements have largely stopped challenging the broader connections between homophobia and other types of oppression. Sex that fulfils us, makes us happy, satisfies us and bonds us to others. Recognising that we can create new types of safe, pleasurable sex, in which multi-faceted desires are recognized, should give us confidence that other forms of liberation are possible.

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    Pleasure is arguably, if not definitively, the single most powerful motivating factor for sexual behaviour. Sexual pleasure remains a highly significant, if not primary, motivating factor for sexual behaviour. There is strong evidence that the pursuit of pleasure is one of the primary reasons people have sex, and that fear of disease is not a strong motivator for safer sex.

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    Despite this, safer sex campaigns have focused almost exclusively on fear-based messages to promote safer sex, to the extent that the pursuit of sexual pleasure is seen either as destructive or even as a major contributor to the spread of HIV. These public health campaigns reinforce the sex negative stereotypes that men are predators, women are victims who are incapable of enjoying sexual pleasure, and that people who contract HIV through sex are guilty.

    They fail to recognize queer sexualities other than those of gay or bisexual men, who are seen as universally high risk. These stereotypes are symptomatic of a sex negative culture.

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    The same ideals uphold social control of pleasure and sexuality, which in turn contributes to maintaining patriarchy, heterosexual privilege and traditional family structures. Sexual health campaigns reflect a culture of lacking aspirations for societal or development goals that emphasise pleasure, well-being , or the happiness of populations instead of simply economic growth or increases in GDP. In ignoring pleasure, the sexual health community is ignoring one of its most potent tools in stopping the spread of disease.

    It is also stopping the broader discussion of sexuality rights, including the recognition of individual agency, especially when it comes to those most affected by HIV. In development dialogue, for example, African women are portrayed largely as victims of male desire with little choice of their own. A recent review of progress by the UN General Assembly highlights progress in all areas of reproductive health and rights, and yet it is dominated by data on contraception, HIV and childbirth.

    Pleasure can also be about power, and men and women are expected to behave in certain ways to fit in with societal expectations.

    follow In one Nigerian study women reported that if they got too excited during sex their husbands asked why they were acting like prostitutes and not in a respectful way.