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  5. Cart 0. Menu Cart 0. The first blatant example is the famous Finder logo with the split blue faces that was originally designed in The icon has an uncanny resemblance to Picasso's painting Two Characters , a blatant homage to the artist perhaps?

    Apple Steve Jobs The Crazy Ones - NEVER BEFORE AIRED 1997 - (Original Post)

    There's another theory that states that the Finder icon might be influenced by the Bauhaus' Weimar exposition, you can check it out here. It captures the absolute essence of an idea in as concise a product as possible.

    Generous stranger gifts 6-year-old Oakland 'Picasso' an Apple pen and iPad

    Take a simple remote control as an example. Why that? Well, because Apple decided that only three buttons were needed—a button to play and pause, a button to select what to watch, and another to go to the main menu. That is what I mean by "capturing the absolute essence of an idea in as concise a product as possible".

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    Just as Picasso eliminates details to create a great work of art, Apple eliminates details to design a great product. To do that, it is always good practice to simplify two main aspects of your work:. Remember, if everything is important, nothing is important. My suggestion is to write down an outline of what you want to communicate. Then go through a review process with the clear intention to reduce your message to the absolute essence.

    That means that you need to cut, cut and cut some more. Not only will your audience appreciate your ability to get rid of the unessential bits, you will also make it easier for them to understand your core points.

    Still Life with Pitcher and Apples, by Pablo Picasso

    Design Just as Picasso did with the bull, you can create a first version of your slides and then review them until you end up with visuals that are as clean and simple as possible. Just as Apple's engineers did with the remote control, strive for simplicity. If you have a doubt about whether to include a certain element or not, don't.