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Thou art as black, and as weak, and as untutored as ever. When his disciples espied them afar off, they expressed their aversion from them by exclaiming: "O the dark-looking, disagreeable things! He also makes in the darkness a place for the light. The others all fell asleep; but he occupied himself with reflections on the miracles performed by various of the prophets and of the saints. He thought to himself: "I wonder whether this holy man works miracles.

Of course he does; only, he keeps the fact quiet, to avoid the inconveniences of notoriety. The disciple examined the pebble by the light of the moon, and saw that it was a large ruby, exceedingly clear and brilliant, not to be found in the treasuries of kings. Utterly astounded, he shrieked out, and swooned away; awaking the whole company with his shout; for he was a very loud-voiced man. On recovery, he told the others what had occurred.

The queen accepted it, had it valued, and gave to him a hundred and eighty thousand pieces of silver in return, besides rich gifts. She also distributed presents to all the members of the fraternity. A certain sheykh, son of a sheykh, and a man of great reputation for learning, came to Qonya, and was respect- fully visited by all the people of eminence residing there. I am the newly- arrived one, not thou. Thou and those like thee are bound to visit me, and so gain honour to yourselves. I am better entitled, therefore, to be visited than is he. By and by, the sheykh's son was informed of this wonder.

The attendant answered: "God willing. The disciples interceded. The Sultan remarked: "How ill-behaved is that man! How then canst thou expect a man devoured with an enthusiasm that threatens to swallow up even heaven itself, to calm down on a sudden?

The Mesnevi And The Acts Of The Adepts

After a while, he held a great dervishfestival in the palace. The sheykh was met and introduced in state by the court officials, and was then installed on the throne, with the Sultan seated on a chair by his side. The matter had, however, been officially promulgated, and there was no possibility to alter arrangements. On arriving at the other town, the Sultan was conducted to a private apartment, and forthwith strangled with a bowstring. Suddenly, he put his two forefingers into his two ears, and ordered the trumpets and chorus to join in.

He then shouted vociferously, and recited aloud two of his own odes, of which one commences thus: "My words were: 'Go not; I'm thy friend; the world is rife With threats of dire destruction; I'm the Fount of Life. In reply, he merely put off his cloak, and said aloud: "Let us perform the service for the burial of the dead. In his agony, he called on me, and shrieked.

God had so ordained. I did not wish his voice to ring in my ears, and interrupt my devotions. He will fare better in the other world.

His own death was the reward of that act. In like manner, the Apostle of God was the most humble of men.

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Though he carried within himself all the virtues and excellencies of the ancients and of the moderns, he, like a fruitful tree, was more humble, and more of a dervish, than any other prophet. He is related to have said: 'I am commanded to show consideration to all men, to be kind to them; and yet, no prophet was ever so ill-treated by men as I have been.

Still he prayed: 'O our Lord God, guide Thou my people aright; for they know not what they do. He used to bless them; and always bowed to those who bowed to him, even though these were not Muslims.

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One day he met an Armenian butcher, who bowed to him seven times. At another time he chanced upon a number of children who were playing, and who left their game, ran to him, and bowed. At that time, people were speaking and writing against him.

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Legal opinions were obtained and circulated, to the effect that music, singing, and dancing, are unlawful. Crowds collected round him. But he continued until night fell around him; so he was at length left alone.

The Mesnevi and the Acts of the Adepts

The dogs of the market-place now collected in a circle about him, wagging their tails and whining. These dogs comprehend my discourse, and the truths I expound. Men call them dogs; but henceforward let them not be so termed. They are of the family of the 'Seven Sleepers. He cannot bear that burden. A bucket, the water of which is enough for forty, cannot be drained by one.

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His answer was: "A tree laden with fruit, had its branches bowed down to the earth therewith. At the time, doubts and gainsayings prevented the gardeners from gathering and enjoying the fruit. The tree has now raised its head to the skies, and beyond. Can they hope, then, to pluck and eat of its fruit? Is it so? But thou settest them at naught, and attest not up to their precepts. How, then, canst thou expect that words of mine will profit thee? He went his way; but from that day he began to execute justice, so as to become a rival of the great Chosroes. A company of pilgrims arrived one year at Qonya from Mekka, on their way home elsewhere.

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They were taken in succession to visit all the chief men of rank and learning in the capital, and were received with every demonstration of respect. On seeing him seated there, they all screamed out and fainted away. There are men who strongly resemble one another.

Why strive to make us doubt our eyes? By the God of heaven and earth, he was with us in person, habited in the very dress he now wears, when we all assumed the pilgrim garb at Mekka. Now he pretends that he does not know us or we know him. She made the request that, when he partook of the food, he would favour her absent husband with his remembrance, his prayers, and his blessing.

But the bowl still remained full. His friends asked him what he had done with the bowl and the food. In due course of time, the pilgrims from Qonya returned home from Mekka; and out of the baggage of the merchant, the china bowl was produced, and sent in to the lady, who was much astonished at sight of it. She inquired of her husband how he had become possessed of that identical dish. He replied: "Ah! I also am at a loss to know how it happened.