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In this essay, attempt is made to exhume from Socrates' philosophy, those sterling contributions that are today complementary to various efforts at bringing a dose of ethics into science and technology, and properly putting both at the service of mankind. We start by examining the life and character of Socrates in the hope that these influenced his contributions to the development of Greek thought and philosophy.

Then, we reflect on the import of his contributions to philosophy for developments in contemporary science and technology. Science and technology today permeate the essential compartments of our lives, but the Socratic injunction for science to go hand-in-hand with ethics has been jettisoned by contemporary science. This, the essay argues is the source of contemporary ills accompanying the various scientific feats. Paying attention to the Socratic injunction, the paper concludes, is one sure way of giving science and technology a human face and thereby put both properly at the service of mankind.

Born in Athens around BC to Sophroniscus a sculptor, and Phaenarete a midwife, Socrates was married to Xanthippe and had three sons. In appearance, Socrates was universally admitted to be extra-ordinarily ugly, but it was the kind of ugliness which fascinates. An unknown error has occurred. Please click the button below to reload the page.

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The corporate level. The business level. Marketing objectives. The functional level. Distribution and logistics. The budget. Evaluating results. The international marketing environment.

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Business norms. Religious beliefs. Political stability. Monetary circumstances. Trading blocs and agreements. The technological environment. The economic environment. The competitive environment. Operations management Learning objectives.

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What is operations management? One of three strategic functions.

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Employee empowerment. Securing and managing external relationships Learning objectives.

Introduction to external relationships. Trends in management. Trust: the foundation for a successful relationship. Again, you need both, according to Buytendijk. And so he propounds a pragmatic, context-based synthesis that invokes rules, but is sensitive to the specific needs of individuals or companies. Progress in technology, he said, is seldom predetermined, as universalists might suppose: It emerges. A technology example is text messaging, which was originally designed for engineers to check lines, not for us to text each other.

But that does not mean we should laud the market as amoral, and be laissez-faire, he continued.

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In the realm of business analytics, "big data" approaches that say, "let's gather all we can, then see what we can do with it" are breeding moral hazards. Buytendijk cited the Dutch TomTom example, where the satellite navigation company aggregated and sold customer data to local governments and infrastructure authorities. The Dutch police then obtained the data and used it to locate speed traps. In April TomTom chief executive Harold Goddijn apologised for having sold the anonymous data, generated by customers who had subscribed to a live traffic feed, in the belief that it would be used to improve safety or relieve traffic bottlenecks.

Another example of data getting out of hand, said Buytendijk, is data integration projects in the public sector, resulting in identity theft victims being persistently arrested. Be afraid. Please check the box if you want to proceed.

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Is it useful to study how companies outside of your industry are applying AI? A months-long project using a new BPMS AI is touted as the tech that will help us combat global warming, but training AI models requires a shocking amount of energy. Cybercom issued an alert about active exploitation of a two-year-old Microsoft Outlook flaw, and experts say an Iranian D-Link settled a U.