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By the 4th century landscape watercolor painting in Asia had established itself as an independent art form. Advances in Watercolor Painting in the 15th and 16th Centuries Watercolor painting emerged in Europe during the Renaissance period with advancements in papermaking. While early European artists prepared their own watercolor mixtures for fresco wall painting, this was soon applied to paper. However, despite these efforts, the medium remained largely isolated to preparatory sketches, with the exception of botanical and wildlife illustration schools where its striking effect could bestow a real-life look to natural subjects.

Watercolor paints were also popular for map-making and were considered especially effective for rendering the topography of an area.

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The English Watercolor Movement and Its Influence on Modern Art Watercolor painting really gained a foothold in Western art during the 18th century, particularly in England where Paul Sandby — , an English map-maker turned painter and one of the founders of the Royal Academy , used the watercolor paints so popular in the creation of maps for his landscape paintings. It was at this time that watercolor painting became established as a serious and expressive artistic medium. Leading this movement was J. Turner — , a technical innovator and Romantic landscape artist who experimented with available synthetic mineral pigments.

Inspired by the work of watercolorist Thomas Girtin, who pioneered its use for large format, romantic or picturesque landscapes, Turner explored both the expressive nature and technical aspects of the medium. The unique effects of light and freer brushwork created by the English school of watercolor painting caught the attention of the early Impressionists and influenced their work. In the 19th and 20th centuries, watercolors emerged as a medium used by many prominent artists. Of course, John James Audubon notably used watercolors to document his wildlife subjects, but other artists known for other mediums such as oil painting worked with watercolors as well.

I have never used watercolour paints before, but am really looking forward to learning with this set, which comes in a beautiful range of vivid colours, as you can see from the photos below.

With these 24 colours you can mix and blend to make any colour you imagination can come up with. The paints come in a very neat, quality designed tin, including a brush.

Inside of the tin lid, it has 3 separated areas which can be used for mixing colours. This makes it perfectly portable for working outdoors. The tin also has an outside cover made of cardboard which slips over the tin keeping it perfectly safe in your bag with no chance of it coming open and getting damaged as you carry it around. With these paints you could keep it in your bag, always with you, for any spontaneous urge to do a quick coloured sketch or Add to Basket.

Artist Across the Borders

I was over the moon with these paints would highly recommend. See All Buying Options. These are a good starter paints for a budding watercolour artist, they work very well but I did get frustrated at trying to get enough paint on my brush to use effectively and so quickly moved on to tubes which is much easier to use and mix. I'd never class myself as anything but an amateur in watercolour and I've never owned professional-grade watercolours, so I can't exactly give an accurate comparison as to how these measure up to pro-grade watercolours.

However, I can say that of all the watercolour paints I've bought, both tubes and pans, these are by far the best. The colours are all gorgeous. There are a beautiful variety of colours - the only gap seems to be any shade of pastelly pink. There is a reddish-pink but in order to get the cherry-blossom variety of pink, some experimentation with colour mixing is required.

The colours are very pigmented and a little goes Great set for the money, great colours, nice brush's even the box is quite good.

Watercolour Paint:

It's a handy watercolour travel tin, as with most economy water tablets, they have to be worn in before they give strong colour. The water brushes are handy, not great quality as they can leak a little at first, once they get flowing they work quite well.

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Good for the price though. As student-grade watercolours go, Cotman is one of the best lines on the market.

Royal Paintbox

This studio set has 45 half-pans of extruded paint - it doesn't contain 45 colours, however, as some have duplicates, but you do get a lovely big range. Ok, granted, a lot of the metal colours cadmiums, cobalts, Prussian Blue, viridian and the plant pigments Alizarin Crimon, Rose Madder are hues, but the overall range are of very high quality. It's always a disappointment to get Lamp Black, Ivory Black, Chinese White and Payne's Grey in a set as they're just wasted space one should always mix one's own black from the colours one is using and white