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Pit teams up with Viridi when the Chaos Kin posseses Palutena. Dark Pit also joins in later.

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Palutena, Viridi, Medusa, and Pit all team up against Hades for the final boss fight. Uprising introduces a boss version, the Great Reaper. Repeat: she drops a self-described natural accelerator, which generates a giant forest, on a completely artificial structure, which is under the control of someone who may be the sun god and definitely has fire powers. Pyrrhon laughs it off and sets it aflame. Everybody Hates Hades : Thanatos, the god of Death, is a high-ranking, and highly evil, member of the Underworld Army.

The fact that the Underworld is constantly invading the Earth and Heavens also qualifies. In addition, the Underworld Army is actually headed by its god, Hades, who out-evils everyone else.

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His only motivation in Uprising is to cause as much death and destruction as he can in order to bring more souls to his domain, for him to do with as he pleases. This earns him the ire of everyone , from Pit and Palutena, to the human-hating Nature goddess Viridi, to even Medusa herself! Everything's Sparkly with Jewelry : Palutena wore two pieces of jewelry in the first two games. In the third, she wears three if you don't count the jewelry that's woven into her clothing. Played Straighter with Medusa and Hades, who are naturally giant. Although Medusa may have done something to get bigger, as her humanoid form wasn't so large in the first game.

Evil Knockoff : Dark Pit is a failed attempt as he wants to kill his creators more than his template and later on turns out to be an Anti-Hero. Exact Words : Some of the chapter titles make more sense in hindsight. Chapter 9 is titled "Medusa's Final Battle". And it's completely true.

It's Medusa's final battle, but it is nowhere near Pit's final battle. But then he eats Pit, and it becomes clear that the Lord of the Underworld is the level. Chapter 25 is titled "The War's End" in the fact that, when Hades is gone, the war is finally over. Extreme Omnivore : Palutena doesn't seem to ever have food far from her mind. She often speculates on the culinary qualities of various enemies and bosses, and at one point even theorizes about spicy angel wings, when Pit is in danger of being electrocuted.

In the short animation, Palutena's Revolting Dinner, she is completely unperturbed by the fact that the carrots she was preparing gained sentience, and was still intent on cutting them up and cooking them. As if swallowing Pit whole wasn't already rather extremely omnivorous, Hades reacts to Pit questioning how he can punch through his stomach by swallowing assorted enemies and objects whole just for Pit to deal with.

Pit's own like for food gets mocked here and there as well. Hades has these as well. Fake-Out Fade-Out : After Medusa gets taken down in Chapter 9, it looks like the adventure's over and a retro 8-bit credit sequence starts rolling. Then Hades interrupts the whole thing and shows it ain't over yet. Fake Ultimate Hero : Unlike most examples, Pyrrhon is a capable fighter in addition to a capable schemer, but like most he's not as heroic as he would have his peers believe.

Fallen Angel : Dark Pit looks the part, and "fell" within seconds after being born! The goddess who created him was evil, so it's not so bad. Fanservice : Probably the only reason why the second part of Palutena's Revolting Dinner starts with Palutena in a hot spring. To give you a basic idea of what the scene looks like, look here.

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Chapter 22 does this at the end with Amazon Pandora. If the female public was disappointed, they have the shirtless Pit scene right after the fight. Family-Friendly Firearms : Most ranged weapons in the game have goofy, futuristic, or otherwise abstract designs.

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The sole aversion is the Flintlock Staff, which actually is a Sniper Rifle , just styled to superficially resemble a flintlock which is itself a real gun and suffixed with "staff" instead. This results in him having his wings burnt and his bones showing.


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Fantasy Kitchen Sink : The game appears to be merely based on Greek mythology at first Fantastic Nuke : Viridi's "Reset Bomb" explodes with the force of a nuclear bomb. In addition, it creates a gargantuan mass of brambles that, in time, fertilize the surrounding land, transforming it into a vast, dense, nigh-inhospitable-to-humanity jungle. Feelies : The game comes with a pack of trading cards representing various items, characters, and enemies in the game.

These cards can be scanned in the AR Card Battle mode, which lets you view the characters in 3D and have them fight each other. You even get the corresponding idol for each card you scan. Extra cards are available at promotional events. Chapter 20 has Pit fight his Brainwashed and Crazy goddess Palutena. Chapter 24 has Dyntos hire Magnus and Gaol to test Pit's worth in combat. Pyrrhon has more humanish but sill fire like hair while Hades has hair like fire after growing a new head.

Fluffy Cloud Heaven : While it's probably not actually supposed to be heaven, Skyworld certainly looks the part. Fluffy the Terrible : Some of the Forces of Nature have jarringly cutesy names. Lampshaded twice with Bumpety Bombs. Lampshaded by Palutena: Palutena : Pit, I know it's hard when she flirts with you, but remember that she's the enemy! Medusa : Y'know, I'm very much looking forward to your arrival. I feel like Rapunzel waiting for her prince. The Gad Fly : Palutena frequently says ridiculous things because she knows Pit will believe her.

She also like to poke fun at his flaws or imply he has some that might not actually be there. Other characters find this amusing, until she turns on them. Gaia's Vengeance : Viridi, the goddess of nature, weaponizes this trope in the form of Reset Bombs, Fantastic Nukes that wipe out cities and leave massive sprawling forests in their wake.

Viridi starts dropping them in her own attempt to preserve the planet after Hades tricks humanity into warring with one another. Game-Breaking Bug : A particularly nasty one has been reported here. Game Gourmet : Pit regenerates most of his health from all manner of food, the amount of health depending on their calorie content rather than their nutritional value.

These include apples, grapes, melons, hamburgers, ice-cream, donuts, cakes, bars of chocolate, meat, sushi, and the Drink of the Gods. Gate Guardian : The Underworld is guarded by a giant machine called Dark Pit defeats it by kicking it in the face. Getting Crap Past the Radar : Has its own page. One of the forms Thanatos takes during his boss battle.

Palutena : A foot? How much damage can-. Palutena: A space kraken? Well, THAT came out of nowhere! Pit: Who has two thumbs and loves hot springs?


Palutena: It's true: humans are simple, selfish little creatures who are driven by greed. Sounds a lot like us gods, wouldn't you say?

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  5. Phosphora: Enough blabbity blab. Jerkass Gods : Most of them.

    This game provides examples of:

    Even Palutena is an impish womanchild when she wants to be. Jump Scare Happens a few times throughout the game, such as when the new enemies are introduced in Chapter 13, or later when Pit is flying through the darkness, when all of a sudden Hades' head! Another example is in Chapter 21 where Pit is flying through the Chaos Vortex when a bunch of eyes suddenly appear out of nowhere, startling Pit and Viridi.

    Lampshaded afterwards. Karma Houdini : Downplayed. Kill All Humans : Hades' and Viridi's goal. Hades in particular uses their souls to create more monsters.