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The lesson plans contains analytical questions for class discussion followed by activities. While the activities were created for groups, many of them can be made into individual projects or assignments. When used as a unit, these lessons encourage students to analyze the global impact of The Wilderness Act.

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As a whole, these lessons encourage students to analyze the significance of The Wilderness Act in the United States while examining how preservation of wilderness differs from the prevailing American paradigm around the globe. Environmental History The leading academic journal in the field of environmental history.

Lesson Plan – Wilderness Survival

If possible, practice outside your meeting place keeping in mind the Principles of Leave No Trace. Discuss the information above.

50+ Wilderness Survival Tips!

Discuss how to make a shelter visible to search parties. Signalin g Practice signaling with mirrors, CDs, or other shiny objects. If inside or at night, use a strong flashlight to simulate the sun and signal a person across the room who represents a potential rescuer.

Review the common ground-to-air signals shown in the Wilderness Survival merit badge pamphlet. Discuss how color, motion, and shadows can enhance visibility.

Vocabulary in Context: Wilderness Survival Free Lesson Plan | Prestwick House

Discuss the importance of conserving flares and voices until the most opportune time. Repeat this process until one team reaches the finish line. The first team to reach the finish line earns an additional 3 points. Note : Be sure to sand or rasp any sharp edges and splinters on the plywood circles.

The backcountry classroom : lesson plans for teaching in the wilderness

While teams watch, one leader takes an item out and tosses it to a second leader, who places it in the second box. Repeat until all objects have been moved from one box to the other. Teams must then list all the items they saw. Download the lesson plan. You might also like Similar resources in the English Teacher's Free Library.

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