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With programs that include a volunteer portion, students learn the importance of giving back to their community and often see direct results.

Fall Semester

Once the students return to their university campuses, they will have memories that will positively affect the rest of their lives, she said. All Jewish recent high school graduates and university students are encouraged to apply.

Gap between Gantz and Netanyahu narrows as polls show right-wing coalition

For more information, visit www. Gala aims to reduce gender gap in science. There are now more than nine million people living in Israel.

Social media finds homes for those dining alone on the holidays. Kosher beef processing plant closed by CFIA. Coming to terms with a difficult year on Yom Kippur.

Preadamic Earth, New Heaven, New Earth, and New Jerusalem - Gap Theory

Farber: The outstanding people of Why Canadian Jewish community leaders went to Egypt. Ellis: The act of forgiveness is a gift to yourself.

In the Community

Classic holiday desserts for a sweet new year. Delicious apple breads for a sweet new year.

A fish dish for the holidays. Simon Maccabeus founded the Hasmonean dynasty in B.

Gap in Jerusalem - store locations, product listing, and opening hours

This group ruled Judea until 37 B. Flavius Josephus recounted Jewish history and the Jewish revolt against the Romans in his first century A.

For example, excavators who recently found cooking pots and a lamp in an underground chamber in Jerusalem think these objects could be material evidence of Josephus' account of famine during the Roman siege of the city. IAA officials said the Hasmonean building has only come to light in recent months, adding that the structure boasts quite impressive dimensions. Email Facebook Twitter.

Jerusalem Chamber Festival Fills Gap in Berlin

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