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My word lists. Conte-nos sobre esta frase exemplo:. Cancelar Enviar. Your feedback will be reviewed. B2 inside the body :. He sustained injuries to his arms , legs , and several internal organs. The internal struggle with his conscience continued. She didn't want to be left alone with her dark internal thoughts. Prolonged use of the drug can cause internal bleeding. The police have disclosed that two officers are under internal investigation. The internal logic of her argument is undeniable. A series of internal struggles was the prologue to full-scale civil war. Temperature is an indication of an object's internal energy level.

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An internal wall has been removed. See also interior noun. The bank conducted its own internal investigation into the robbery. This memo is for internal consumption only. The government warned its neighbours not to interfere in its internal affairs.

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Avery has been an immensely successful fund-raiser, frequently drawing on his backstory of growing up rough in England at speaking events. In , he told the media Lifepods would be manufactured in India by January By that time, he said, there would be 20 pods deployed in the Pacific.

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  • It appears those 20 may have been intended to be prototypes. Avery told the investigator a pilot production line at his intended manufacturer, Phoenix Medical Systems in Chennai, would start rolling in December That was in November Charities Services looked into the delays after a donor raised concerns about potential misuse of Lifepod funds. In his book there was a photo of the incubator — and now, 10 years on, and many dollars of donations through schools etc, there is still yet to be a certified operable version of the incubator….

    While I am sure there have been technical issues to sort, can you reassure us all monies have been properly accounted for?

    Project location

    That was in July, following a Newsroom story airing concerns by disillusioned former volunteers and donors. Charities Services also got another query, from a journalist, asking whether Medicine Mondiale as the Ray Avery Foundation was then called was guilty of false advertising.

    NYPD Internal Affairs Detectives Interview QuietBoyMusik Inside Of A Holding Cell @ The 1st Precinct

    Collins checked on this again in October, adding a follow-up query: had Charities Services started its own inquiry? Then Collins tried another tack: a request under the Official Information Act for any Lifepod queries and all correspondence assessing them.

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    In light of that statement, the staff investigator wondered, who and what were the salaries and project management payments for? Avery supplied details of the staff member receiving the salary, satisfying the regulator on that question.

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    Financial statements for the next financial year show both arrangements continued, with similar-sized payments the next year. The investigator told Avery he just needed to supply enough information to prove the charity was pursuing the incubator project; enough to reassure the media, the worried donor, and the charity sector. Avery proffered design files, manufacturing information and voluminous other details, some of which he said were too big to email.

    Charities Service would not want to jeopardise any good work of the Foundation. Shortly before he learned of the outcome, Avery emailed the investigator with a question: could he repay a disgruntled donor whom Avery believed was in correspondence with Newsroom?

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    In all our fundraising correspondence…we were clear we needed to raise finds to commence production of the incubators…. We would be happy to refund any disgruntled donor but we need to make sure we do this in a professional l manner taking into consideration all stakeholder interests.

    The City of Los Angeles is square miles. Links to websites outside of lapdonline. Enlaces a sitios web fuera de lapdonline.

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    Los Angeles Police Department. In order to provide quality service to the community, we need your assistance. This is your police department. We welcome your comments and encourage you to let us know about the quality of service you receive from our employees.