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Joined Aug 21, Messages 6, These adventures have a lot of gracefully-used research into the Viking era underlying them. Walker has also written stories that begin in our own time or its near future but involve, in one way or another, the Norse milieu. Elvraie Traveller in her mind. Good style, characterization and pace. Your childhood has been shafted until you read this book set in southeastern Minnesota. It follows Chris Anderson, who is a unusual farmer's son. For one thing, he has a deformed arm.

Kingaposs Mountain A Ballad Novel

For another, he has a fairy godmother not the Disney kind. He's also bedeviled by apparitions--red, pointed Norwegian caps which dance around him on the ground when he allows himself to get angry for which reason he always stuffs his feelings. Sort of the perfect Norwegian. Troll Valley is available through Lulu. Of course, these other titles are good alternatives. The good people at Baen Books are selling four of my books and e-books directly.

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Buy them here , and consider giving them as gifts to your discerning family and friends for whatever holiday is just around the corner. Late Christmas presents are always welcome, and don't forget gifts for Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, various parent days, birthdays, U. You may also buy any or all of them from through Amazon. Q: Your Erling books concern an Irishman living in Norway.

You have an Irish last name, so I assume your heritage is Irish-Norwegian. A: Wrong. I confess to being a quarter Dane though. Lars Walker, author of historical fantasy and viking reenactor, is the subject of larswalker. You can write him directly at lars [at] larswalker.

You may be able to reach him right now by commenting on his blog, Brandywine Books.

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Apr 25, Pat Patterson rated it it was amazing. I really did NOT want to disrupt my queue! However, I downloaded the book, and then let my affection and Need to Read take over. Sometime in the past year, my youngest bio-son, Moose, submitted his DNA for analysis.

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  8. My family is reportedly come out of Scotland, but Moose showed some significant Scandinavian genes. The way I read it, at some point, they had raided Scotland, and left a forced genetic heritage behind. Oh, those vile Vikings! Maybe we should consider that our family was able to encourage the famed warriors, workers, and fishermen to join our clan. Or, perhaps, it might be more true to say that Moose and I are Vikings. I really don't know, and am not sure I ever will. However, here is what I DO believe: whether you take the classic line, which is that Vikings were the scourge of the seas and coast, OR you take the point-of-view of some of the modern fantasist historians, who say the Vikings were merely peaceful traders; if you take an extreme position, you are going to miss the truth about what these people did.

    He does so through the eyes of a young Irish lad, who was taken in a slave raid, and pretended to be a priest, in order to seek better conditions. As it happened, the thing imagined became the thing fulfilled, and young Ailill has truly become God's priest to the folk he lives among, most especially to Erling Skalggsson, the local ruler. The story is a delightful mix of the natural and the supernatural. Fights, harvests, hunger and feasts, power struggles, and young people who want to get off somewhere private and fool around, all form a integral part of the story.

    Walker has the gift of making the far-away and long-ago seem as reasonable as making a list to cut the grass and have the tires rotated on the truck. We feel the crunch of the frosty ground, and we smell the rich aroma of the pork juice running down the arm of our dinner companion.

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    You MUST understand, though, that this isn't a mundane story. It's also a good thought-piece on how people can impose their own perspective on divine truths. An outstanding, entertaining, engaging, and even informative book. I have but ONE criticism, and that's not a book criticism: The nasty thing that the old guy with one eye did to the priest?

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    That's the nastiest thing ever. Mar 28, Phil Wade rated it it was amazing. While each of the Erling Skjalgsson novels can stand alone, the characters change and mature naturally from the book to book. They refer to past events without revealing the whole story, so you may have a few questions if you start with The Elder King, but I hope that encourages you to pick up the other books.

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    The Elder King begins with a colorful statesman telling the narrator, an Irish priest who has lived many years in Viking Norway, about a Christian relic he claims to protect: a nail from the cross of Christ. I come to break the world — to break old laws, and old ways, and old friendships and brotherhoods.

    Truth itself will seem a lie, and no man will know what is right.