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Jewel - Intuition. Some say this video was just the desperation of folk singer Jewel who had not had a hit in a while and was now entering her 30s old age for many female singers and felt she needed to sex up her image in order to get back on the charts. But the video was obviously parodying pop culture which included the new sexier image most female pop singers had. At any rate, it was Jewel acting sexy for the first time, and at one point featured her getting her clothes drenched by a fire hose. Ashanti does a nice job of getting her dress wet while at a tropic resort.


Riding an elephant that likes to spray her, and splashing around in the surf does the trick. And the nice touch, Ashanti wearing her wet dress back to her room, and then showing it off to her man. Slow - Kylie Minogue. She got my attention when she stripped down to a vinyl monokini. But then she crawls into a patch of inky goo in the center of the room and begins rolling around in it to the delight of male onlookers. Sometimes it was just a brief facial expression that was sexy. Christina was something to look at in this video.

Nelly plays a s gangster and Christina plays a chorus girl trying to get his attention. And she wears a variety of sexy period outfits to do so. The video ends with the police raiding the club Nelly is in, forcing him to make an escape through the back door with Christina at his heels.

They both get into a car, and Nelly winks at the camera as if to say "Look what I'm getting. And sometimes it was a great outfit. I had not really paid any attention to the girl singer in rap group Black Eyed Peas until this video.

It was Fergie in a tight red dress that showed the figure of her body. Charlotte Church - Call My Name. Much like with LeAnn Rimes, Charlotte Church was yet another singer who became famous at a young age, and was still being thought of as a child. Church was a vocal phenom who put out albums where she sung classical music. But as soon as she reached adulthood she decided she wanted to be a pop star.


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Her first adult video sheds her past completely. Here, she wears a tight corset and not much else. But what puts this video on the list is when she lies down on a pile of semi-nude dancers, seemingly enjoying it. Mariah wears a stunning yellow latex dress Rihanna - S. Rihanna was always sexy in her videos, but I loved her wrap around green dress that seemed to constrain her breasts. A "dirty" video exists for this song made for the European market.

That one I never saw. I did see this one which had her dancing in front of a mirror, checking herself out after putting on a skin tight black mini-dress Meg and Dia - Monster. Both Meg and Dia wear old fashion white dresses while they get soaked in yet another indoor room that allows in rain. Sugababes - Easy. Sexy outfits with latex, sexy posing and they are rubbing their own bodies. The stand out moment; the video ends with Belinda passed out on a pile of books, causing her back to arch towards the ceiling in a "come and get me" pose.

It must have been an exhausting day at the library. Christina Aguilera - Candyman. While the theme of the video was the s and featured Christina wearing different outfits pin up girls wore in that era, it did feature one outfit that would have not existed until the 90s. Latex would not be used as a material for clothing until the late 80s, and not as a costume until the 90s.

My Kitchen Rules' Piper puts on a seductive performance for the other teams

Here Christina wears a latex costume styled on a swimming costume from the 40s. This would not be the last time Christina wore latex. Not Myself Tonight had her in several different latex outfits, and would have been on this list had it not been released two months into While there was a lot of stuff going on in this video making it worthy of this list, Shakira's leather dress was stunning by itself. Rihanna - Umbrella. The video may have been disappointing as Rihanna never actually gets wet special effects and glitter replace real water and rain but it does have some of the sexiest outfits she wore during the 00s.

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In the Green Light half of this video she wears a lot of different latex outfits, and even does the floor crawl. It should be pointed out that most channels, and YouTube, count Kitty Kat and Green Light as two separate music videos. But according to the album listing, both songs are part of the same video, so that is how I have it listed here. While awaiting her friend Aria's visit, Valeria takes a milk bath in her dress. The Veronicas - Hook Me Up. A lot of hand holding, a lot of hugging, and the subtle suggestion the girls in this video may be lesbians.

Throw in their schoolgirl outfits and you begin to draw parallels to t.

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Actually, the two girls in The Veronicas are twin sisters, not lesbians. Something I did not learn until a few month after seeing this video. No No No This is the video where they are all wearing latex catsuits. Alicia Keyes - No One.

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Playing the piano with a group of friends, and in yet another indoor rainstorm. Emmy Rossum - Slow Me Down. Two decades after Physical and I was still getting a thrill out of seeing women in wet clothing. This video featured Emmy in a yellow ball gown, floating around in a pool of water. Danity Kane - Damaged.

Something else I was not growing tired of, women pretending to be turned on. And that is exactly what the girls of Danity Kane do, even taking it as far as rubbing and caressing themselves. Ashanti - Good Good. I could probably bring up the part of this video where Ashanti, dressed as a sexy cleaning woman, gets herself soaked while cleaning a floor. But that part paled to the part where she goes shopping in a red latex dress. Lady Gaga - Poker Face.

Lady Gaga was definitely on my radar. Aside from her kooky outfits, she is also fond of wearing latex fashion. This video mixed two things I was fond of. She is wearing a tight latex bodysuit while emerging from a swimming pool. Actually, getting latex wet is a waste of time.

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It is rubber. The water never penetrates the latex, but rather runs off immediately, leaving behind just a few random beads of water. Still, it is fun to watch. Britney Spears - Womanizer. Not only does Britney wear latex business attire, but part of the video had her completely nude in a steam room, just barely covering up the parts not allowed on television. Girls Aloud - Untouchable. The girls wearing very sexy latex costumes while each navigates a globe shaped spaceship. Thanks to the flash player, and sites like YouTube, the 21st Century gave anyone with internet access the opportunity to see music videos from all over the world.

Such as videos from this Korean pop star. Thanks to the notoriety her videos got on YouTube, she recorded her first English language album in , which included this video.

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  • A lot of vinyl and latex fashion, and it ends with BoA doing an energetic dance in a room filled with a foot of water. While any Pussycat Doll video could be called sexy, this one featured a nude Nicole Scherzinger in a bubble bath, and then out of the tub with her naughty parts just below the screen.

    Ciara Corr - Get My Way. For most of the videos on my list, I do not really need to explain why I found them sexy. But there are a few that had something that appealed to me and may not have appealed to anyone else. This video had a section where Ciera goes into the girls room and begins preening herself in the mirror.

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    For most of the people reading this hub, preening is nothing. But for whatever reason, I found the moment very attractive. You will just have to take my word for it.