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The plans of God are full with goodness, and He even gives the future with full of hope. Failure is not the end of everything, but it is a stepping-stone to victory.

God never fails

Without failure, we will not recognize His power. Get up from failure as God gives an open door for us to victory. God never fails in helping us. No matter how big our problems are, He is able to help.

The God Who Never Fails Sermon by Stephen E. Trail, Joshua -

Nothing is impossible to Jesus. Jesus has various ways to help us. He never fails His promises. When He has made a promise, then it will be fulfilled. Sometimes we have to wait for the fulfillment of His promises, but let us believe that His promise will be fulfilled in the perfect timing. He also never fails to be with us. He is the strong shield.

His presence is perfect and He will keep us away from any dangers. Never worry or doubt in going through every challenge and problem. Oh, that home of the soul!

In my visions and dreams, It's bright jasper walls I can see. Between the fair city and me.

If so, here are the lyrics for that one. God Bless! While The Ages Roll On Verse: 1 Here on this earth with it's burdens of life, tribulations and heartaches they cut like a knife, my foot steps are weary no place to call home, I'll soon be with Jesus while the ages roll on.

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