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So we clean, using all-purpose concoctions that tout the ability to kill Some of us, perhaps armed with a mask, even dust.

Silent Dust - Another Sunlight (Dead Man's Chest's Dutty Drums Version)

Dust isn't just a collection of hair, pollen, skin fibers and anything else that tends to settle in one place in a building. Dust also provides a home for all kinds of bacteria, and getting a grasp on how to deal with those homes can help us protect our own.

Sunlight, like dust, is a common feature in any number of structures. And to follow this thread a little deeper, read Lloyd Alter's take on the connection between sunlight and modern architecture over on sister site TreeHugger.

Sunlight and Dust

So Fahimipour and his team decided to look at how sunlight could help control the dust-based bacteria population. To do this, they constructed 11 identical, climate-controlled miniature rooms that were designed with real buildings in mind.

Let's not forget them.

Each of these rooms were then seeded with dust collected from local Portland homes. The researchers then glazed the miniature windows to allow either visible, ultraviolet or no light at all to reach the rooms. I can never play this album just the once. If you like Microvolt, you may also like:.

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  2. INFO 21-1999: Sunlight keeps star dust at bay;
  3. Suffer the Children.

A beautiful album perfect for just sitting and watching the day drift by in a stoned haze. The gaye device. Fathoms by Tapes and Topographies.


Explore music. Dust in the sunlight from Falling by Microvolt.

Tags ambient ambient ambient electronic experimental electronic expression lo-fi lofi United Kingdom. The Room of Forgotten Dreams.

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For Small Asteroids, Sunlight Spawns Dust (and Maybe Death) | Space

Microvolt recommends:. Microvolt go to album. The gaye device go to album. On Bandcamp Radio.