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Another criterion for selection was that each story had to involve one or more animals as its principal focus. Some have human participants, too, but in those cases the humans play a secondary role, even when they spend parts of their lives in animal form e. Most of the animals are mammals, but there are birds, reptiles, frogs and fish as well — and, as the title indicates, dragons. Are dragons mammals or reptiles? The synonym worm or wyrm suggests the latter, but modern zoology textbooks are silent on the subject.

Growcastle Black Dragon

Otherwise, you will have to zig-zag right and left until you reach the top. Taking the right exit will bring you to the open room, where you can head directly upwards to the other exit.

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The image to the right represents the "blue" maze. It contains five distinct rooms, with the entrance shown in the middle. It is organized into columns, but a twist in the map can confuse some players. In this difficulty, you can head directly right from the starting area, and take the downward exit. Follow the path, and you should see the bridge in place, and walk across it.

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Taking the right exit will bring you to the open room, where you can head directly upwards to the black castle. Touch the gate with the black key and enter. You can find the grail two rooms in, and can return this to the gold castle.

The blue maze is identical in layout to the first adventure, except the bridge is in the eastern maze instead of here. From the start, go to the left, and zig-zag upwards until you reach the top. Take the upper right exit, and you will reach an open room.

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  6. The white key is here, and if you head directly to the north, you will find the black castle. First, take the downward exit to the left.

    Advanced Adventures

    This allows you to get the gold key, and unlock the starting area. The passage was originally intended to lead to the upper part of the white castle i. Warren Robinett decided not to use this idea, but the wall graphics were not corrected. From Warren: "One of these exits is the normal one through the door of the castle, but the other exit, from the hard-to-get-to room in Section 2, leads to the 'balcony' of the White Castle. The link from the Red Maze to the balcony is one-way, however; it is not possible to go back into the Red Maze from the balcony.


    Lego Castle

    This violates my principle of making all paths retraceable, and was a mistake--an earlier idea that was rejected but never expunged". For a wrap-around trick, put the bridge through the top wall in the Gold castle. You can also trap him between 2 rooms by using the gold key and the sword — dragons fear the sword when the Right Difficulty switch is set to A.

    For example, place the gold key on one side of the gold castle and the sword on the screen below it down in the opposite corner. Lure the dragon to the center of the screen with the sword and put the switch on B.

    Each time the bat switches items, the one being dropped will move towards the right side of the screen. Eventually the item will wrap-around. Another way to freeze the bat involves carrying the bat to a screen and position it at identical co-ordinates as an object that it would prefer over any object it currently carries, and then hit RESET.

    "Blue Castle and the Dragon Warriors"

    It's tricky is because a bat has its own 3-pixel flight direction which is trumped from being held by you, so when positioning it on the object, you'd need to adjust this by 3 pixels in the opposite direction of where it currently flies. In other words, although it is held by you, the bat is constantly flying 3 pixels away in its current heading. The routine that deals with your held object overwrites this, so the movement is not visible before displaying the screen.

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