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Episodes Reviews 3. In the wake of TGS, a slime draws near—and a new Zelda, too! On this extra special and rowdy episode, a cavalcade of guests stop by the towers to share their TGS experiences This week we put down our curry on rice to spoon-feed you all the announcements from the latest Nintendo Direct!

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Book Off. Hard Off. Hilarious names? Are they hiding a dark secret? Find out, in the latest play.

This week we heat things up with some Fire Emblem, and then cool off with some ice cream This week we are joined by bourbon smugglin', retro game playin' friend-of-the-show Rob Fox Join us as we talk making Marios, doctoring Marios, and Mario's new turquoise vacation home This week we talk about boogieing in Cadence of Hyrule, lawyering in Judgment, and sitting in Bloodstained. Who doesn't love a good sit?

This week we attempt to summarize the avalanche of news from E3 into a 2 hour podcast. Can we even come close? Find out now! With BitSummit fast approaching, we invite John Davis on the show to talk shop and how he could probably use a nap For a very casual Golden Week episode, we talk about what we've been playing, and reflect on the games that made Heisei great With the next gen looming overhead, special guest Justin Massongill of the Playstation Blog joins us to talk about easy modes and different ways to watch Game of Thrones abroad First episode recorded in the new office!

Amid the stress of packing up the Towers, we relax with some scathing Amazon reviews of Left Alive There's a battle royale for everyone this week, and tons of Nintendo news to discuss!

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  • TIS THE SEASON...FOR ROMANCE (The Westmorelands series Book 4).
  • Under the Red Robe.

We finally embrace the darkness and talk Kingdom Hearts, along with a new member. Plus some Resident Evil 2 gushing for good measure Joined by a special guest, we talk at length about Resident Evil 2 and its recent remaster, while doing our darnedest to dance around spoilers We catch up after the New Year, look forward to , and get a little retro.

We field some listener questions and get all festive up in here Dragalia Lost, the latest from Starbucks, mastering Tetris, and more! Get ready for a cavalcade of guests, a wealth of impressions, and just a touch of chaos—our annual TGS super show is here! This week it's all about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, with a sprinkle of summer gaming memories We recap and review the industry's biggest week of the year, and maybe even disagree along the way!

Join us as we run through the games we know we'll see at E3, the ones we hope we do, and even the ones we hope we don't. E3 is coming fast and so are the game announcements! We've got two tremendous guests this week, and they have opinions! Come hear us talk about writing for games, menu gripes, VR experiences, and more! But we gather around the podcast table to talk TV shows, comic book movies, and video games just the same! Mostly video games thought, honest The gang continue their fortnightly arguments about gym etiquette and where to get the best tacos in Shibuya. We also reminisce about the games that made us who we are with a special—and incredibly tall—guest This week we talk a lot about food.

And then video games. And then food again. Buckle up and grab some snacks to keep your hunger at bay In a very special, doing-our-best episode, the remaining crew talk Valkyria Chronicles, Tetris, Granblue Fantasy, and of course: more Monster Hunter World PUBG, Vs.

Super Mario Bros. Happy New Year! The hype train has once again departed for parts unknown, but there's still plenty of E3-related goodness to discuss in its wake. Join us as we tear through all OK, most of the games announced at this year's show with the usual mish-mash of thoughts and impressions on everything Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony had to offer It's E3 time again! Join us as we walk through all the major conferences, make some terrible predictions, miss out on numerous big announcements that happened after we recorded Bubsy?

Reactions to the Nintendo Switch announcement and play impressions of the system and the games from the event held in Tokyo, Japan Switching it up a bit with an emergency podcast all about Nintendo's surprise console announcement Also: Nintendo Direct Resident Evil 7! Barkley Shut Up and Jam Gaiden?! You don't need money, don't take fame. Don't need no credit card to ride this train. It's strong and it's sudden and it's cruel sometimes. But it might just save your life Odin Sphere Lei Happy !

In the wake of PAX, we check in with a bevy of Seattle devs and industry biz-types to talk about standouts from the show, the state of indie gaming in general, mobile vs console vs Apple TV? It's that time of year again. Atari, Level-5 Vision , and more! Pokemon Cafe, Code Name: S. Amiibos, Wii U Smash Bros. Pokemon, Professor Layton vs. Hyrule Warriors, P. Dig, old Japanese cell phone games, From Software's sale and more Our th episode gets the band back together finally! Dark Souls. That's it.

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No other games. No news. Just Dark Souls. Can you survive and make it to the end?

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Dark Souls Left Behind! Nintendo Direct! PS4 Launch! Have at it! Six hours have passed since the occupation of Towers by one Alexander O. Smith, founder and leader of the Kajiya sect.

follow url Tune in for talk of his various localization feats Vagrant Story! Tactics Ogre! Final Fantasy XII! John's out sick, but the show must go on! Happy Holidays! John and JJ are back! Did we mention Zelda? And stick around for a special bonus segment focus attack ing on the Ultra Street Fighter 4 location test in Japanese arcades. Also, Mario No PS4s.

No John. No JJ. No problem! Resolutions and media centers and firmware, oh my! Fans of podcasts, rejoice! Just thought we'd let everyone know that up front. Please stow your laptops and power triangles as we depart for our special 84th! Kevin Larrabee of Back in my Play Dorito it! Plus: the Capcom 13 BOF6?!

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Glass Joe, indie updates, and plenty more Peer into the near future for in-depth, spoiler-free impressions of Pikmin 3, then dive back to the recent past for 73 minutes! Almost Live from Seattle! We designed the new Play so that game publishers can enable you and up to 10 family members to hear about facts, rumors, and wild speculation on the upcoming E3 trade show, including games like Dark Souls 2, MGS5, Destiny, Killer is Dead, Smash Bros. Also: interns With Gaming Jesus off on a secret pilgrimage, the task falls to the few, the proud, the interns and the rest of us , to fill his massive void.

Valve boxes! Used-game-blocking-gamma rays and Ouyas and Apple's who-knows-whats-its! E3 isn't even a glimmer on the Hype Train horizon and yet you wouldn't know it from all the new system talk floating around — of course the gang is above that sort of wild speculation. We've got a full breakdown of the event, as well as fresh PlayStation 4 and controller talk, a whole bunch of news Pandora's Tower! Project X-Zone! Killer is Dead! Japanese for "Happy New Year!