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Over 5, lotus-shaped spikes stimulate pressure points in the back, neck, and shoulders, so your body releases tension as well as endorphins. This one is made with natural linen and coconut fiber — and it comes with an attractive messenger carrying bag. Because it's filled with temperature-retaining gel beads, this FOMI mask soothes headaches, eases puffy eyes, or helps lessen stress after a long day. Pop it in the microwave for relaxing heat, or store it in the fridge for inflammation-reducing cold — and because it smells like lavender, it'll calm your nerves as well as your skin.

Nothing eases your nerves quite like a good cup of tea, and according to Oprah's Favorite Things of , it doesn't get much better than the Vahdam trio gift set. This small company has quickly become an all-time favorite because they use only the best leaves from small tea growers and deliver them with care and speed for the tastiest cup ever.

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This gift set comes with three loose-leaf chai blends — sweet cinnamon, ginger, and maharani oolong. With simple buttons, a soothing night light, and seven non-looping nature sounds, the Dreamegg is changing the way people relax. It blocks outside noises and eases the subconscious mind so you can sleep more soundly, work more efficiently, and relax more easily. Can't stop chewing on your pen or pencil? Munchables are BPA-free silicone toppers that are extremely satisfying to chew — and a lot more sanitary than your eraser.

They're also easy to wash and come in multiple colors and two designs: robots and bricks. Science shows that a regular yoga practice really does help with anxiety , so if you're ready to start one, the TOPLUS Yoga Mat is a reasonable and worthwhile investment. It's already skyrocketing in popularity because it utilizes high-resistance materials for non-slip security, cushioning, and an eco-friendly design.

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It also comes in multiple colors and includes a carrying strap. If you're already feeling over-stimulated, the blue light from your computer or phone could be making it worse. Luckily, these adorable glasses actually block ultraviolet wavelengths so you can reduce stress and produce melatonin near bedtime.

They're also totally clear, non-polarized, and come in seven colors. If you use reading glasses, try these ones instead; they allow you to personalize your magnification. Copper has been a folklore-based arthritis cure for years, but how do magnets lessen pain and swelling in the body? According to one reviewer, they "charge particles in your blood which can cause [it] to move and create heat," which boosts circulation. While the benefits of this Native Edge copper magnetic bracelet haven't been scientifically proven, reviewers say their "pain has subsided quite a bit.

Studies show that artistic mindfulness practices like coloring and calligraphy could help reduce symptoms of stress. This Wildflower Art Studio lettering kit comes with everything the beginner needs to get started with calligraphy, including multiple pens, tracing paper, practice alphabets, and step-by-step instructions. Buyers also say it makes a "fabulous gift. According to recent scientific studies, weighted blankets help users experience a " calmer night's sleep. Unlike other brands, the Degrees of Comfort weighted blanket set comes with two different duvets: one for hot sleepers and one for cold sleepers.

It's also available in two colors and three different weights. Block out the world for a better night's sleep — or during plane trips, meditation practices, and work naps. It then delivers the sound into your ears via flat, cushioned speakers that won't get in the way of sleeping — and the washable cotton material even doubles as a blackout eye mask.

Rather than purchasing an extensive set of individual essential oils, you can also find pre-mixed blends that are already optimized for stress-relief. Plant Therapy relaxation synergy set includes three blends — Tranquil, Relax, and Meditation — and reviewers say they're "so impressed by the quality. Stress, crying, or sleeplessness can take its toll on your under-eyes. Reviewers say they've "used other brands," but these ones are "pure magic. For some, unopened mail and foreboding paperwork can be a huge source of anxiety.

As someone who gets pretty nervous when it all starts to pile up, I can tell you that the best solution is getting organized before it gets ahead of you. The Blu Monaco wooden mail organizer has three tiers and various-sized compartments to file bills, sort incoming and outgoing, and store important documents — all in a durable, cute container that you won't mind having out in the open. Although it's marketed towards kids, multiple adults have purchased this Delicacy ocean wave projector for themselves.

They love the "handful of peaceful sounds" that block outside noises, and say the "soothing and calming" wave patterns help "a lot with [their] insomnia. Acne seems to pop up most often when I'm stressed — which, as these things go, tends to stress me out more. Luckily, I'll forever swear by these Mighty Patches. They're tiny, translucent stickers that are filled with hydrocolloid: so if you put one on a blemish at night, by morning, all the gross stuff has been sucked out.

Not only does it protect against bacteria, but it seriously speeds up healing, too. At first glance, this MengPa bracelet looks like a stylish, match-all accessory with a classy arrow design.

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Progressive muscle relaxation is a simple technique that involves tensing and relaxing specific groups of muscles in a systematic way to break the vicious cycle of stress and muscle tension. Emotional Freedom Technique EFT , generally known as tapping, is a form of acupressure that works by stimulating meridian points with your fingertips. Tapping can be used for pretty much anything that ails you — physically or emotionally — including instant stress relief.

How to De-Stress with Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a healing and relaxation technique that makes use of the scent of essential oils. According to the US National Library of Medicine, more than 15, scientific research studies have been done on essential oils. Lavender is the most studied and possibly the most versatile of all essential oils. Put a few drops on your wrists, dab some under your nose, or diffuse it into the air for instant stress relief. Besides being generally relaxing, lavender also has anti-anxiety, antidepressant, and mood stabilizing properties.

You almost certainly already have your own favorite stress reduction strategy. What is it you love to do in your spare time that gets you in the zone and makes time fade away? Creating art, listening to music, or getting absorbed in your favorite hobby are all legitimate stress management techniques. Hobbies as diverse as knitting, woodworking, gardening, or home repair reduce stress and put you in a relaxed state. Anti-stress coloring books — a recent trend — can significantly reduce stress and depression. Engaging in these activities before going to bed can help you relax and fall asleep faster than using your laptop or tablet which emit sleep-disruptive blue light.

Go outside and spend some time in nature. It will lower your cortisol, blood pressure, and pulse rate while increasing heart rate variability. And when you go, leave your smartphone behind or at least turned off. Research has confirmed what most of us suspect anyway — that trying to do more than one thing at once is stressful.

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Heart rate and cortisol levels go up when you constantly check your email. Even that can help reduce your stress levels, anger, and fear and put you in a better mood. Expressing gratitude creates a surge of feel-good brain chemicals that will make you feel happier and more relaxed. This benefits both you and the recipient.

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You can thank a friend by phone, text, email, or gasp! Feeling and expressing gratitude reduces stress and increases emotional resilience.

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And it will help you relax and sleep better if you do it right before you go to bed. This one is a little different that all the other stress reduction techniques listed here. But caffeine is such an integral part of our always-on-the-go society, its role deserves special consideration.

Millions of people get through the day not on naturally generated energy but on the artificial boost they get from caffeinated beverages.

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While caffeine can be part of a healthy lifestyle, it also increases stress hormones and reduces calming brain chemicals, while restricting blood flow to the brain. Caffeine is even linked to four recognized psychiatric disorders.

https://alarenoc.tk So if you are feeling stressed, grabbing a caffeine-laden cup of coffee, a soda or an energy drink is the totally wrong thing to do! Instead, make your next drink a cup of green tea.