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Our Complete Coffee Shop Startup Kit is a perfect way to spend one hour a day learning about the retail coffee industry. Your coffee shop profits will come from your detailed planning, business decisions and passion.

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Getting it right from the start is important. Educate yourself on what really matters when it comes to your costs — this includes your equipment costs, your lease signing, and other important details. When you are starting up your coffee business , you will have many one-time costs, which you may include as fixed costs — and you will have many variable costs that are considered ongoing costs. These variable costs grow as you grow. For example, as you grow, so too will your inventory needs grow therefore the cost of your inventory will increase, such as the cost of coffee beans, milk, and syrups.

Additionally, new hires or extra time on the clock will grow and expand your costs. These are often considered variable costs. Your coffee shop's variable costs are considered a good thing as long as you are pricing your items well and managing your labor costs efficiently that includes built in profit margins. Overall, these variable costs are not a bad thing because we can assume that you be making a proportionate profit on them. In addition, you will need plan to have funds necessary to pay for inspector fees, health department permits, fire department inspection and permits, and other items such as insurance premiums and security deposits.

These wide spectrum of coffee shop costs are often overlooked by many jumping into their first business. Your planning helps to mitigate the sticker shock of your costs. Additionally, your planning also helps you plan for contingencies that may sink your business before you even get started.

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If this is the case, you can incur thousands of dollars of expenses just for waiting that you were not anticipating. In a bonus interview in the Complete Coffee Shop Startup Kit , we discuss ways you can save a considerable amount of money with some negotiation tactics that we share. Will you have enough to cover three months of your rental lease without making a single sale? Consider the costs of any potential delays. As in anything, consider planning to spend a little more than you actually budget for — and allow for more time so that the necessary paperwork, inspections can get done.

Before you actually finish your coffee shop business plan or even before you start spending any real money on coffee shop equipment or leases, you should consider creating an LLC or a business structure that works for you in your state. Establishing your business structure makes you a legit business entity that can take real steps towards you opening your coffee shop.

Once you secure your business structure, you should establish a bank account with your business' name. You can then add money to this bank account and spend money for your cafe using funds from this bank account. If you choose not to legally set business up as an LLC, consider setting it up as a corporation or a non-profit. Whichever legal structure you decide on, make sure it's done before you spend any real money.

That is anything over several hundred dollars. You may need to add more or subtract some items which will vary from coffee shop business to coffee shop business.

Develop a budget for your coffee shop. However, it does need to be thorough — and it does have to get started some time. Why not today? As you will see below, I have created a very simple sample budget for you to consider. Depending on your business concept, your menu, your design, and a cost of other important factors, items will need to be added and costs will need to be adjusted.

Take a moment to consider the following sample budget for a coffee shop or coffee stand. What items will you need to add? Let's take a look at a sample budget next…. In addition to these basic fees , you will need to spend money on a variety of things to ensure your business is ready to launch. Some items will take care of themselves, other items need to be added. Either case, I have added some sample costs below again, to get your thoughts churning as you plan your own coffee shop or coffee stand business.

As you begin to go through them, you may start considering your own coffee shop menu, the condition of your location, and of course, your overall budget. This is not an exhaustive list. Consider, what items you will need to add. What items will you seek to avoid? The signing of your coffee shop business lease is extremely important!

If you enter into a bad lease, you could be sinking the success of your business before it ever has the chance to take off. You should not miss this interview!

How to Open a Coffee Shop: The Complete Guide

Considering the location and the condition of your location is essential to your budget. Depending on your vision and your budget and the current state of your location, you may need to spend money to get it ready to use. Building out your space may or may not be a good financial idea — as well as a good long-term strategy. Your lease ultimately impacts your bottom line, your ability to conduct business, and your ability to increase your profitability. Okay, let's continue by considering the following sample coffee shop business items below:.

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The above list is certainly, incomplete. The complete list of course, varies for every coffee business establishment.

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Again, this is just for illustration purposes only. This also does not include your time, your labor costs, and other miscellaneous expenses. Also note, this may be a very conservative figure depending on your business concept and the remodeling costs to ensure your appropriate vision. Building out your coffee shop takes planning — and perhaps the hiring of contractors — which adds additional costs. You may also have some legal fees and other unforeseen costs.

This additional money should be used for your startup costs.

Above and Beyond: How Coffee Shops Give Exceptional Customer Service

And hey, if you go under budget, you can use that money to help sustain your business as you move toward profitability. However, I believe that you can always save money in starting a coffee shop. This is especially true, if you start planning early. The more thoroughly you plan, the greater the chances that you will be able to make better money-saving decisions.

Coffee Kiosk Business Plan

It also contains 15 hours of relevant discussions on important topics you will be spending money on. To be sure, investors, bankers, or serious partners will ask you what your break-even point will be. By figuring out your break-even point beforehand, you can see if your sales forecast will be high enough to finance your operating cost. But as in many different things, the devil is in the details. For example, you will have one-time upfront costs like security deposits, possible broker fees, equipment costs , travel costs, possible consultant fees, furniture costs, etc.

I encourage you with the help of an accountant, to amortize your equipment costs over time breakup the costs over the span of a few years and embed those costs within your annual and monthly expenses. OR… at least acknowledge their existence by categorizing them with your cost structure.

For example, by embedding your startup costs variable and fixed costs within your operating expenses, you can help ensure that your revenue will not only be covering your day-to-day operational costs but the one-time startup costs associated with starting your business. Your sales will need to cover these cumulative costs. You must use these factors to determine your break-even point. There are many data points that we'll need to consider when it comes to determining our coffee shop budget.

Calculating Your Break-Even Point for Your Coffee Shop Business

But how do you determine your future sales? How can you even arrive at the point of figuring out your actual sales receipts? Answer: Well, to be sure, it's a bit of an art and a science. If you are buying an existing business, you will want to see the last couple of years of sales receipts or profit and loss statements. Getting this hard data will play an important role in determining your own sales as you take over the business.

Of course, you will want to make some adjustments to future sales as you change your pricing, your menu, and your marketing. Additionally, you should learn to count customers during the process of buying an existing stand or selecting a specific location to start a coffee shop or espresso drive-thru stand.

Coming up with the data will be your job as a business owner. It may sound intimidating, but it's a lot easier than it sounds. The feasibility of realizing your coffee shop dream always comes down to the math. The Mobile Cafes will also be appearing at community events such as fairs, festivals, and other charitable events. This would not be considered a serious advertising budget for any business, but TDP feels the exposure will come from publicity and promotion, so most of the funds will be spent on a good publicist who will get the word out about the charitable contribution program and how it works in conjunction with the website. TDP also believes that word-of-mouth advertising and free beverage coupons will be better ways to drive people to the first and second locations.

In the second year, The Daily Perc is increasing the budget, since it will need to promote several locations, with particular emphasis on announcing these openings and all the other locations. For busy, mobile people whose time is already at a premium, but desire a refreshing, high quality beverage or baked item while commuting to or from work or school. The Daily Perc pricing will be comparable to the competition, but with the value-added feature of immediate, drive-thru service and convenience. There will be several sales strategies put into place, including posting specials on high-profit items at the drive-up window.

The Baristas will also hand out free drink coupons to those who have purchased a certain number of cups or something similar. TDP will also develop window sales techniques such as the Baristas asking if the customer would like a fresh-baked item with their coffee.